Kamloops Thompson International Student Program
Quality education is indispensable, which is why Canadians demand their schools to be of the highest caliber.

Most importantly, a diploma from a Canadian school is globally recognized. With it, students can look forward to an outstanding, and prosperous future.
Studying in Canada Makes Sense

International students choose Canada for its low cost of living, and competitively priced tuition rates.

Canada is proud to be a multicultural nation.

As a result of Canada’s diverse background, there are clubs and associations which cater to nearly all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Internationally, Canada is admired for its health care system, peaceful nature, care of its environment and for the personal freedom given to its citizens.
Canada has a reputation for being a safe, peaceful and just society.
As part of our program, students are place in international learning groups that include students from different cultural backgrounds which encourages students to more fully engage in English language learning and promotes a broader cultural understanding.
Students are supported throughout the duration of their stay through constant contact with counselors, program coordinators and homestay managers to ensure their comfort and success.
Our Location

The Kamloops Thompson School District is located in Western Canada in the
beautiful Province of British Columbia.

This location is a top choice for International students due to the quality of our
educational system and a mild climate.

Kamloops is nestled in South-Central British Columbia where the region supports
approximately 500,000 residents. Read more ...

Our School District

The Kamloops Thompson School District spans a very large geographical area with
a diverse natural environment including hills, mountains, rivers, lakes and

This environment lends itself to many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.
Kamloops is a University City with Thompson Rivers University in the heart of our

We are 97% native English speaking providing students with a rich immersion
experience as part of a Canadian family in their homestays and chances to make
friends in the classroom and in the larger community.  Read more  ...
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